Her Mountain, a Lake Tahoe women's ski retreat

Life is complex, busy and messy.  All too often we forget to set aside time and focus on bettering ourselves.  Usually, there is just no time.  With kids, relationships, the holidays and social engagements… we often forget about ourselves. Ultimately though, when we do put everything else on pause, we find ourselves with a better sense of purpose, a better knowledge of ourselves and what makes us happy.

For me, finding myself has always happened in nature. It’s done with a hike through the forest, a float down the river, or a trip down the ski hill with someone I can connect with on a deeper level. The experience allows me to find true center.

Experiences like the one I am describing are at the center of a Lake Tahoe ski retreat happening this winter at Northstar California, dubbed Her Mountain. Her Mountain brings together like-minded women for a weekend of building connections with one another, while also allowing participants to better themselves. Naturally, of course, it’s also about wellness, rejuvenation and skiing.

In this video, Jakubowski explains why she has dedicated her life to teaching people to ski.

The two-day program, designed by women and for women, focuses on tackling new challenges in a fun and supportive environment.  Much of the program takes place on the mountain, but goals met there easily translate to goals and challenges elsewhere in life. The experience of conquering a new run on the mountain is not all that different from taking on new challenges in the boardroom, says Her Mountain instructor Jake Jakubowski.

"If I could help just one woman and challenge her to do something that she couldn't do or that she thought she couldn't do, that makes it all worth it.”

While a typical ski retreats focus simply on improving skills, Her Mountain has a greater goal. By connecting guests with Northstar’s top certified female instructors, skills come quickly and more time can be spent focusing on wellness and betterment.

I want to help people be their best self,” says Nadia Guerriero, General Manager of Northstar California Resort.  “I want to be my best self and in turn, I want to help coach, mentor, and guide people to realize their best self… That is why we created Her Mountain.”


By spending two full days together, participants develop a bond amongst themselves and with their instructor.  Women end up supporting each other and challenging each other, which results in better health on and off the mountain. 

"We group women of similar skill sets together and allow them to develop a bond and camaraderie.  When they do that they start to trust each other and trust instructor and eventually trust themselves," said Jakubowski.

Aside from skiing and riding, guests will be given a chance to take a break from the pressures of daily life.  Through on-mountain fine dining, recovery yoga, a celebratory Champagne tōst and an après-ski party, women can focus on the here and now.

The Her Mountain Retreat is offered January 6-7, February 3-4 and March 10-11. For women who can’t get away for a full weekend, the Her Mountain lesson offers half-day lessons that challenge women to improve their skills in a fun and supportive environment. Her Mountain Lessons are offered every Saturday and Sunday.