Q&A: Nick Visconti, Truckee local & former pro snowboarder

Today we come to you with an interview with former pro snowboarder and Truckee local, Nick Visconti, who is an ambassador for Northstar California this winter, along with his wife, Laura. Nick was recently featured in a profile in the winter issue of Mountainside at Northstar's magazine, of which you can read the full interview below. Meanwhile, follow Nick and Laura on Instagram, where they document their adventures around Truckee and beyond. 

Nick Visconti, a Truckee native, grew up carving the slopes of Northstar California. After 8 years of traveling around the world as a professional snowboarder, Nick moved back to Truckee last year with his wife, Laura Lawson Visconti. Their return has brought new discoveries, as well as business opportunities, with Nick helping relaunch Sesssions MFG outerwear company as their brand manager, and Laura leading the marketing strategies for the new family-owned lifestyle brand in Truckee, Tahoe University. Read on to get the 4-1-1 on Truckee from Nick.

What was it like growing up snowboarding in Truckee?

Best advice my father ever gave me, “Nick, pick a place you want to live, and figure out a way to make a living there.” There have been a few different iterations of my life in Truckee at this point: growing up snowboarding, professional snowboarding, and now running a global snowboarding brand from Truckee. Admittedly, with immense gratefulness, I have been the beneficiary of many resources, 100% support, and access to progressive freestyle facilities that Northstar has offered for a decade plus. However, I do believe that you write your own reality. My reality, yesterday, today and tomorrow is Truckee.

What’s it like having traveled the world as a pro snowboarder and now coming back and riding for fun?

Relief. When you bleed passion and career, one eventually has to give. I’ve ridden mountain ranges on every continent, but discipline and training was my source of income, enjoyment was secondary. While transformed as a human from the cultural snowboard excursions (especially my snowboard safari in Africa), the ‘job’ eventually stole the stoke. Now, every day I strap in is a reminder as to why I snowboard. Best decision I ever made for my snowboarding career was to pursue it professionally – second best, retiring.

What have been some of your favorite new Truckee discoveries? Or rediscoveries?

The trail system. With more than 200 miles of trails to bike, run, hike, and picnic, my wife and I ‘s favorite pastime is exploring the right-over-there and beyond-those-trees that North Tahoe’s trails offer.

What’s your favorite off the slopes adventures in winter?

Skateboarding, naturally, though I’ve recently become addicted to trail running.

What’s your favorite thing to order at your favorite restaurant?

Beer, haha! With a quick stint in Portland, and longer one in Seattle, I fell in love with the culture, experimentation and craft of beer making. Tahoe Mountain Brewery’s insane farmhouse saison and Auburn’s Knee Deep Brewing are classic, local go-tos.

What’s unique to Truckee that you can’t just find anywhere?

There is currently a renaissance of city and nature that is abundant in Truckee. Characterized by local entrepreneurs, craft watering holes, and urban development in the mountains, Truckee is actually becoming a legit four-season place to live without the sacrifices one normally has to make to live in the mountains.

What’s your perfect winter day in Truckee?

Coffee. Snowboard. Après-ski.

What’s your favorite event in the winter?

My mantra is to invest into memories, not materials; my favorite event in the winter is any day, any explorations, any line, any party, any work trip, anything that rings with newness, discovery and living an extraordinary life.

What’s your favorite “locals’” thing to do in Truckee?


What are your tips for someone thinking about learning to snowboard for the first time?

The average return rate for a first time snowboarder is 4%...The basic snowboard hack for a beginner? Try again.

What’s your favorite ski run and why?

Pinball at Northstar. You can ride rails, jumps and a superpipe all in one run. I’m not sure that exists anywhere else.

How do you like to après in Truckee?

Après is so much more than a reason to drink after an epic day. It is a celebration of life, a toast to pushing personal boundaries, and a clink of champagne glasses to friends, family and strangers that share the same DNA. Besides native events at Northstar like live music in the Village on weekends, I often enjoy wine at Cottonwood, local craft beer at Mellow Fellow, and rare bourbons beneath the stars, and beneath my heat lamp.