Northstar Terrain Parks competition: #NorthstarParkEdit

The 2016/2017 winter ski season made for one epic winter playground around North Lake Tahoe, and Northstar California Terrain Parks was no exception. Mike Schipani, Northstar Terrain Parks Manager, and his crew killed it, building an epic North Lake Tahoe terrain park with more than 200 features. 200 features! Now the season lives on in all that amazing footage you stacked throughout the season.

Fittingly, we recently asked you to send in your best #NorthstarParkEdit. And the footage didn't disappoint. Finalists have been chosen, and their videos are now ready for you to view and vote on! The rider with the most votes will win a GoPro Hero5, Jaws Flex Clamp, Chesty harness, Smart Remote, and Frontside Helmet Mount.

Voting is now closed! We will announce the winner on Friday, May 19th.

Brooklyn DePriest

"My 2016/17 numbers: 11 years old, 80 days at Northstar, approximately 728 Vista laps, 10 Wildcats, 2 McTwists, 1,054,507 vertical feet, and 10 shirts with cats on them.  Here’s to getting all those numbers up next year." -Brooklyn

Adam Lechner

Thanks for sending us your edit Adam!

Alex Miller + Lexi Roland

"Seeing some of the rippers out at Northstar every time I ride makes this a huge honor!  Lexi Roland from movies such as "Warren Miller" and First Track Productions' "Knock on Wood" came for a visit and stayed with me for 5 weeks. With Lexi almost finished with high school and taking more college courses than I have ever taken, let's just say she is a busy girl!  I also have a 15-month-old, named Knox, who will be on next year's edit, which takes up time on the hill (thank you babe). That being said, we were so glad to be able to get out and shoot this edit, I hope you guys love it!"  -Alex

Beckett DePriest

"I'm just another eight year old who listens to the Beasties. I mean I'm no Michael Diamond, but I can juju on that beat better than most high school kids. My favorite part of Northstar is riding the rails and boxes in Pinball." -Beckett

Nick Connell - WINNER

"Working full-time doesn't allow me to ride very much but here are some clips I got from this season. Shout out to Nick VanAusdal for killing it behind the camera and Northstar Parks for stepping it up this year. Hope you enjoy!" -Nick

Don;t forget to rep your park! The 2018 New schoolers Park POll is now open for voting!

Don;t forget to rep your park! The 2018 New schoolers Park POll is now open for voting!